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The impact COVID-19 has had on our economy is undeniable. Millions of Americans across the country have had to file for unemployment after mass company layoffs, and countless businesses have had to shut down as a result of lost revenue – many of them won’t reopen. If your business has been affected by the effects of the global pandemic, not all hope is lost. You may be entitled to insurance coverage for your losses under business interruption insurance. If you’re unsure of whether your insurance policy covers business interruption claims, or you’ve already had your claim denied, call the experienced attorneys at Montgomery Ponder, LLC. With more than 50 years of combined experience helping clients, we’re committed to finding solutions for even the most complicated of legal matters.

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Determining If Your Insurance Covers Business Interruption

While many businesses operate under property insurance, which covers physical damage from disasters like earthquakes, fires, and floods, business interruption insurance is generally separate. However, there may some instances in which your commercial property insurance can cover your COVID-19 losses. The best way to determine if you’re covered is to look at your policy’s declaration page.

If the following terms are listed in your coverage, you may be entitled to seeking compensation:

  • Business interruption coverage: Some policies directly provide business interruption coverage to pay for your lost profits after a disaster.
  • Contingent business interruption coverage: This specific kind of coverage pays for your losses after damage or severed ties to suppliers of items or materials you need for your business.
  • Civil authority coverage: This pays for losses caused by government-ordered closures, which can cover your business if it was deemed non-essential by the government.
  • Extra expense coverage: This pays costs for the business activities that are required even after losses, such as leases, rent, and salaries.
  • All risk, open perils, and special perils coverage: This pays for losses due to a non-purposeful cause, except exclusions that are specifically mentioned.
  • Lost or restricted access coverage: This coverage pays for losses from being unable to access your property, which includes having to follow stay-at-home orders.

It’s important to hire a business attorney who has experience interpreting insurance policies, as legal jargon can be complicated to understand. Our team has decades of experience helping clients understand their insurance policies and holding companies responsible for wrongly denying clients the coverage they deserve.

What Does Business Interruption Insurance Cover?

The full extent of business interruption insurance coverage depends on the nature of the policy and the insurance company you’re working with, but generally, there are some basic categories of losses that are covered.

Business interruption insurance can cover:

  • Loss of profits
  • Temporary location expenses if your business has been forced to relocate
  • Operating expenses, which include employee wages and taxes
  • Costs still being incurred by the property, such as monthly rent or lease payments
  • Additional training costs
  • Extra expenses to continue operation when the property isn’t accessible

Business interruption insurance generally doesn’t cover direct property damage, as that falls under a different policy, contingent business interruptions, and losses unrelated to property insurance.

What to Do If Your Claim is Denied

If your business interruption claim has been denied by your insurance company, don’t worry just yet. Insurance companies are for-profit businesses that often deny claims to avoid having to pay their policyholders, even if the client is in the right. Our business interruption attorneys can file a claim against your insurance company if they’re in the wrong. You deserve to receive compensation for a policy you’ve purchased for your business.

Allow us to help you navigate these uncertain times. Call our Birmingham attorneys if you need legal assistance filing your business interruption claim due to COVID-19 at (205) 377-5004. We’re committed to protecting our clients and their businesses.

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