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Insurance programs are designed to provide financial assistance in times of crisis and can be extremely beneficial. Regrettably, however, insurance companies are profit-focused—and these companies may fight tooth and nail to deny claims or pay as little as possible, betraying the trust of their customers and leaving victims with nothing but debt. At Montgomery Ponder, our top-rated trial attorneys understand the inner workings of insurance agencies, and we can fight on your behalf if your claim has been wrongfully denied and help you in cases of insurance bad faith.

Long Term Disability Denials

If you suffer from a severe medical condition and cannot work, you may be able to apply for long-term disability benefits. Long-term disability insurance is supposed to provide financial support to those who suffer from a disabling injury or illness and are subsequently unable to work for an extended period. Common conditions that may make you eligible for long-term disability insurance include Lyme disease, arthritis, liver disease, lupus, MS, heart disease, carpal tunnel syndrome, any form of cancer, mental illness, and others.

​When you receive a denial letter from a long-term disability carrier, it can be frustrating and overwhelming. When your insurer fails to live up to their end of the contract, they could be guilty of acting in bad faith.

In some cases, an insurer won’t outright deny your claim but will instead:

  • Provide only partial payments
  • Unreasonably delay a payment or terminate a policy
  • Conceal benefits from those who hold the policy
  • Misclassify injuries to justify denying a claim

It is essential to know that you don’t need to accept a denial or low offer. Our attorneys at Montgomery Ponder, can help you fight to achieve a favorable outcome, regardless of an insurer’s initial response to your claim.

Life Insurance Denials

Life insurance programs provide finances to families after the death of a loved one for the resources they need to help support their lives and move forward in the best way possible. Life insurance provides an excellent financial safety net for your family, and the payout is tax-free. But, there’s a downside: insurance companies may choose to deny your claim.

Some of the top reasons life insurance claims are denied include:

  • The death occurred within the first few years of purchasing the policy
  • The insurance policy didn’t cover the cause of death
  • Relevant personal information was not disclosed when purchasing the policy
  • Payments were not made or were late

Fighting a denied or delayed claim can be a challenging process, but with our talented trial attorneys by your side, your chances of having your claim reviewed and approved are significantly increased.

Rental Insurance Denials

Rental insurance policies exist to insure the belongings and personal items of those who rent homes. When a renter’s home is damaged in a destructive event, it’s crucial to have the insurance company respond favorably to a claim and help the renter move forward with their life. When a rental insurance company denies a claim, the betrayal can be very difficult to deal with—which is where we can take action. If your rental insurance claim has been wrongfully denied, we can help.

Homeowner Insurance Denials

A home is a massive investment, and you want to protect it at all costs. Homeowner’s insurance protects your investment against fire, flood, and other disasters. But, as with any insurance agency, an adjuster will likely be sent out to inspect the damage and will search for any excuse to deny your claim, whether claiming you intentionally caused the damage, it wasn’t covered, or other reasons.

If you’ve suffered a denial of your homeowner’s insurance, we can help you review the circumstances and take appropriate legal action to seek to get the denial reversed and recover the compensation you deserve under the terms of your policy.

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