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Suing After Defective IUDs Cause Serious Injuries

ParaGard IUD users are complaining in increasing numbers that the contraceptive device has broken apart during the IUDs removal, causing severe damage to the uterus. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) first became aware of the potential issue back in 2019, but ParaGard has still remained popular on the market. Teva Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of the intrauterine device, is facing lawsuits that allege the company failed to warn users about this risk of failure and injury.

If you are using a ParaGard IUD and suffered an injury due to the Paragard device breaking before or during the removal process, then you might have a claim. and you should call (205) 377-5004 to connect with Montgomery Ponder and our Birmingham ParaGard lawyers. We are currently hearing from ParaGard users just like you and, if there are enough similar complaints, might be able to work on a mass tort or class action lawsuit.

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Harm Caused by ParaGard Defects

ParaGard is an IUD that includes a copper wire to interrupt impregnation. It can break without warning or during removal of the IUD, potentially causing severe health issues.

Consequences and injuries caused by a broken ParaGard IUD can include:

  • Uterine lacerations
  • Severe internal infection
  • IUD migration
  • Organ punctures
  • Permanent and painful scarring

Some broken ParaGard IUDs have even required surgery to remove. In rare cases, the scarring and lacerations caused by a broken ParaGard have called for a hysterectomy.

ParaGard Faces Multi-District Litigation

Dozens of district courts throughout the United States have already consolidated ParaGard lawsuits into mass torts and multi-district litigation (MDL). The purpose of MDL is to allow hundreds or thousands of claimants with similar complaints against the same defendant to seek justice and compensation in a shorter amount of time than would be needed if all plaintiffs had to file separate cases. As one of the most trusted names for mass torts and class action lawsuits in Alabama, you can rely on Montgomery Ponder to see if your case should join an ongoing MDL. We will handle the technical detail of your case while you focus on your rest and wellbeing.

How to Qualify for a ParaGard Lawsuit or MDL

There are three main criteria to qualify as a ParaGard IUD plaintiff:

  • You have or had a ParaGard IUD implanted prior to 2005;
  • You had ParaGard removed; and,
  • The Paragard implant broke or fractured during the removal process.

If you match all three criteria, then you are likely eligible to join a ParaGard MDL. Our attorneys will help you decide the next best move..

Compensation Available to ParaGard Plaintiffs

ParaGard defects and complications can cause severe injuries, both physically and emotionally. When we work on your ParaGard IUD lawsuit, we will consider all of the harm it has done and all the ways you should be compensated for it. Our team does not stop until every last penny of compensation has been uncovered and secured.

Damages available in your ParaGard IUD lawsuit could include:

  • Any medical treatment cost incurred while attempting to remove the IUD
  • Medical care like hospitalizations and surgeries necessary to treat your IUD injuries
  • Wages lost due to being unable to return to work while injured
  • Pain, suffering, hardship, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms

Stand Up to Teva Pharmaceuticals – Call Our Firm Now

Big Pharma far too often sidesteps responsibility after a medical device hurts innocent people and patients. Do not let this same situation pan out for you after your ParaGard IUD shattered and caused serious injuries and debilitating pain. Work with our Birmingham ParaGard attorneys to get your case started today. Remember: We can help you if your case should join a current or new ParaGard MDL with dozens or hundreds of other people who are going through the same thing.

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