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Common bike/car accident scenarios

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2022 | Car Accidents

Riding a bicycle is an enjoyable form of commuting that provides exercise benefits for many people. However, bikers should remain aware of potential dangers when riding, as accidents involving cars and other vehicles may occur. Three incidents seem to happen routinely on Alabama streets.

A vehicle turning left at an intersection

A car turning left at an intersection could result in an accident when a bicyclist enters the intersection. The light could be green, and the driver may rush to make a turn, or the driver might not see the bicyclist. The driver may be distracted or even intoxicated. Regardless of the reason, the person on the bike could suffer severe injuries when hit.

Right-hand turns

A driver could also make an aggressive righthand turn that hits a bicyclist. The driver may speed past the bicyclist on the left and cut in front to make a right turn. The bicyclist could hit the vehicle when it turns right.


Dooring ranks as the third most common car/bicycle accident. With dooring, a driver or passenger opens a door without looking, and a bicyclist riding along abruptly hits the door. The bicyclist might suffer serious injuries upon hitting the ground even when wearing appropriate safety equipment.

Negligence and car/bike accidents

Questions about negligence typically arise after auto accidents (include pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle) and collisions with trucks and other vehicles. Accidents involving bicycles and automobiles could derive from the negligence of one or both parties.

If a driver’s negligence caused harm to a bicyclist, the bicyclist could have a legal claim for their losses. A personal injury attorney may help the bicyclist recover expenses for medical bills, lost wages and more. The bicyclist could also seek punitive damages, depending on the circumstances.