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Unique concerns about semi-truck collisions

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2022 | Semi-Truck Accidents

Drivers who operate semi-trucks professionally often have significant experience and training operating oversized vehicles. While these drivers may better understand vehicle safety, accidents still happen.

One reason large trucks become involved in accidents is due in part to a truck’s unique operational problems. Semi-trucks are not always easy to turn, and truck drivers lose control when not careful.

Unique risks with semi-trucks

When a standard car or sports utility vehicle makes a turn, the design does not present the same potential hazards as a massive truck. For instance, a car cannot jackknife, but a tractor-trailer can. When a truck jackknifes, the trailer moves in the tractor’s direction, mimicking a half-opened penknife.

Jackknifing trucks can be dangerous. When this occurs, it poses serious risk to other vehicle nearby. In many cases, the swinging trailer hits several vehicles.

There are less dramatic incidents that cause semi-truck accidents. Sometimes, even a standard turn creates additional dangers for other vehicles or pedestrians. A large truck needs more space than a small car to make a turn, and one miscue could cause a collision.

Negligence and semi-truck crashes

The aftermath of many semi-truck accidents leaves victims dealing with catastrophic injuries. A lawsuit may follow provided the truck driver or another party’s negligence led to the crash.

If the driver went too fast before making a turn and jackknifed, speeding might be the basis for the negligence claim. Intoxicated or fatigued driving might also lead to the crash.

Other issues may come up during a negligence suit. When a vehicle operates dangerously due to poor maintenance, the driver, the driver’s employer, or a third-party mechanic may face litigation.