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Parties possibly responsible for truck collisions

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2022 | Semi-Truck Accidents

When a truck driver goes through a red light and hits another vehicle, expect the injured victim to sue the driver. A driver who deliberately commits a moving violation could face a civil suit in Alabama, but not every truck accident is the driver’s fault. Plaintiffs may find another party is negligent for the crash and file suit against the person or entity responsible for a crash.

Truck accidents and negligence

Sometimes, a truck driver’s employer could share the blame for a crash. An employer might coerce a driver into ignoring mandatory breaks or retain a driver known for risky behavior. Such actions may leave the employer liable for any accidents. The same could be true if the company continues to use poorly serviced trucks or ones with apparent mechanical issues.

The mechanics who perform poor quality work might also face a lawsuit for an accident. A truck may cause an accident because of a terrible repair job. An investigation might reveal the truck driver and the trucking company had no idea the crash derived from a mechanic’s poor work. So, it is conceivable that the driver and company could sue the mechanic, as might other victims.

Negligent third parties

Semi-truck accidents may result from a manufacturer’s defect. A vehicle released to the market with dangerous defects may lead to a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent manufacturer.

If a motorcyclist or car driver’s actions force a truck driver into hitting another vehicle, they may be more responsible for the accident than the truck driver. The truck driver might not be responsible at all.

An insurance claim could provide appropriate compensation. However, some victims may pursue a civil lawsuit in court if the settlement offer is inadequate.