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Could the “Dutch reach” approach reduce bicycle accidents?

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2021 | Car Accidents

Bicyclists often find themselves involved in many near misses. For example, as a bicyclist nears a driveway, a driver may pull into the driveway too fast and without looking. An alert bicyclist may come to a stop before colliding, but many Alabama bicyclists could end up hurt in a crash. Similarly, bicyclists traveling in a bike lane might get hit by a driver opening the car’s door. Perhaps following the “Dutch method” may keep such collisions from occurring.

The Dutch strategy for preventing avoidable door mishaps

The “Dutch Reach” method of opening a car door is a kind of inverted door opening approach. Instead of opening the car door with the hand closest to the handle, the driver uses the opposite hand. Opening a car door this way might be a bit uncomfortable, but it comes with a benefit. Specifically, reaching for the door handle with the opposite hand may torque the body and head. The position change might give a driver a better view of the street and is nearing the vehicle.

If the driver uses the Dutch Reach and sees a bicyclist, he or she could wait to open the door. Once the bicyclist passes, the coast might become clear.

Door accidents and bicyclist injuries

A bicyclist doesn’t need to travel at a high rate of speed to suffer a severe injury after a “dooring” incident. If knocked off the bike, the bicyclist could suffer a fracture or even a traumatic brain injury. Brain injuries may even result in death.

Motor vehicle accidents involving bicyclists may lead to investigation over who was at fault. A careless driver who swings a door open could face a lawsuit for any harm inflicted.

Bicyclists may benefit from being careful on the road. Hitting a door could be the bicyclist’s fault, and a property damage claim might ensue. A personal injury scenario could ensue when a bicyclist hits a car. So, being careful may benefit everyone.