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Do car accidents leave victims with serious nose injuries?

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2021 | Car Accidents, Catastrophic Injuries

The aftermath of a car crash could leave someone thankful to be alive. Numerous vehicle collisions in Alabama result in fatalities, and some accidents end with the survivors dealing with permanent disabilities. Anyone who walks away from an accident with minor injuries may feel some relief, but it could still come with recovery time and expenses. Even suffering from something as minor a broken nose in a crash won’t be a pleasant experience.

Nose injuries and car accidents

Car accidents might cause someone to impact a steering wheel, dashboard, windshield or even another passenger. The neck could suffer severe whiplash injuries, or the skull might fracture upon hitting something. Sometimes, a car wreck might leave the accident victim with a broken nose and no other injuries thanks to the seat belts or airbags.

The injuries to the nose could vary; some accident victims might deal with a cartilage fracture and a deviated septum. Others could struggle with a septal hematoma and potential breathing difficulties.

Medical care and nose injuries

A visit to the emergency room might be unavoidable after a motor vehicle accident. A broken and bloody nose indicates an obvious injury. Hopefully, the accident victim chooses to visit the emergency room for a complete checkup. Other problems, such as a concussion, might then be diagnosed for treatment. Even if the checkup points only to the nose injury, the victim has to deal with the financial costs. Those costs could involve surgery and lost wages.

If an intoxicated or distracted driver caused the accident, questions about negligence might arise. Any negligent behavior, including speeding or operating an unsafe vehicle, might lead to a civil suit. When negligence contributes to a crash, the accident victim may choose to explore litigation or file an insurance claim.