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About whistleblower law

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2021 | Whistleblower Claims

Alabama employees who report insider knowledge of illegal happenings in an organized structure are referred to legally as whistleblowers. These can include employees, contractors, clients, suppliers or any other individual who is privy to a business’s illegal activities. The federal and state governments have authorized multiple rights for whistleblowers that are upheld through various agencies like the SEC and OSHA.

What are the rights of whistleblowers?

When a person reports a whistleblower claim, they’re officially deemed a whistleblower under the law. They are given certain rights, such as the right to be free from retaliation, which can happen in many different forms. Some examples of retaliation include termination, relocation, reprimands, punitive reactions and demotions. Whistleblowers are also free from any legal action by the organization to recoup their losses due to imposed penalties or the whistleblower investigation.

Are whistleblowers entitled to rewards?

As an extra incentive for citizens to report illegal business activities, various government organizations offer rewards. This compensation is usually in the form of a percentage of the money that the government agency is able to recuperate from the claim. For whistleblowers to collect on many rewards, they must provide unique information that the agency has not been previously privy to.

Can whistleblowers report claims to their supervisors?

When a person witnesses illegal business activities, they don’t have to report them to a government agency. Rather, they can choose to report the activity to the executives of the organization. This type of reporting is usually reserved for events where the whistleblower believes that the executive-level employees are not involved in the illegal business activities.

Whistleblower law helps to protect people who report illegal crimes. If you’ve witnessed an illegal business activity, it’s advisable to speak to an attorney about reporting your claim. A legal professional may assist you along the way to ensure that your whistleblower rights are not violated by your employer.