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Can Third Parties Be Responsible in an Alabama Crash?

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2020 | Car Accidents

Alabama car crashes are complex. Due to the contributory negligence rule, anyone who holds even the smallest degree of fault in a crash holds liability. That creates an interesting dilemma when it comes to those who indirectly contributed to the crash. But how much fault do these groups hold? Can a third party be responsible in an Alabama car crash?

Defective Vehicles

Accidents involving a defective vehicle often cause severe damage and injuries. When that happens, victims can work with their attorneys to recover compensation from the manufacturer, especially if the crash resulted in serious injuries. If your crash involves a recalled vehicle part, you may be able to recover additional compensation from these third parties. Contact your attorney as soon as possible to discuss your case.

Dram Shop Law

Alabama, like many states, has a dram shop law to protect victims from drunk drivers. This means that the person or business who provides a drunk driver with alcohol may also hold liability in a crash. In Alabama, this generally applies if a bartender continues serving drinks to an obviously intoxicated patron who causes a car crash shortly after.

Defective Road Design

In rare cases, the city may be responsible if a poorly-designed or poorly-maintained street plays a part in the crash. This is called defective road design and it’s more common in low-income and rural areas.

A few examples of defective road design include negligent road maintenance, obscured or confusing road signs, and complex intersections without adequate traffic signals. If your crash occurred due to one of these factors, you should consult your attorney immediately.

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