Covidien – Medtronic Hernia Mesh Implants Have Been Reported to Cause Severe Injuries

Covidien – Medtronic Hernia Mesh Implants Have Been Reported to Cause Severe Injuries

The attorneys at Montgomery & Ponder, LLC are investigating and filing hernia mesh claims for clients across the country. The manufacturers of hernia mesh include Ethicon – Johnson & Johnson, Covidien – Medtronic, Atrium – C-Qur, and Davol – C.R. Bard. We will be discussing the last manufacturer, Covidien – Medtronic, today. We have previously discussed Ethicon – Johnson & Johnson, Atrium – C-Qur and Davol – C.R. Bard.

Covidien – Medtronic

Mesh products manufactured by Covidien – Medtronic have been reported to cause significant injuries. The specific mesh products include:

  • Parietex Hernia Mesh
  • Parietex ProGrip

Parietex Hernia Mesh

The Parietex hernia mesh has not been recalled but has caused serious complications for patients. Rather than using polypropylene, the base material for Parietex hernia mesh is polyester. The original version of Parietex hernia mesh was released in 1999 and was uncoated. As a result of surgeons being unable to properly handle Parietex hernia mesh during surgeries, a collagen coating was added. No human trial were conducted prior to these design changes. Further, Parietex had an unsealed edge that resulted in polyester fibers becoming frayed. The frayed polyester fiber would harden and travel throughout the body causing damages and complications. The polyester was also prone to tearing.

Parietex ProGrip

In an attempt to correct design defects in the Parietex composite hernia mesh, Covidien – Medtronic created a product would not rip or tear on tacks or sutures. The Parietex ProGrip is manufactured with thousands of “micro grips” to make tacks and sutures unnecessary. However, the Parietex ProGrip continues to stretch and contract causing excruciating pain. The design of the Parietex ProGrip makes it very painful and difficult to remove and revise.


As a result of the following side effects, surgery is often necessary to remove the mesh:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Bowel obstructions
  • Seromas (fluid buildup under the skin)
  • Infections
  • Mesh failures, including mesh migration or hernia recurrence
  • Need for removal surgery/surgeries
  • Revisions

If you or a loved one is suffering from the following side effects after a hernia repair, contact Montgomery & Ponder, LLC at (205) 377-5004.

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